Launch EuroMed Youth Program in Jordan 2014-2016

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Amman-Jordan, under the patronage of their excellences the minister of political and parliamentary affairs, Dr. khaled Al-kalaldeh and the Ambassador of European Union, Dr. Johanna Wronecka, the EuroMed Youth Program IV extension has been launched today – Tuesday 17 june 2014. The program, funded by the European Union, is managed by the Ministry of Political and Parliamentary Affairs in which the Jordanian Euromed Youth Unit (EMYU) is set up.

The ceremony included the speech of their excellences about the program as an important chance for the Jordanian youth, helping them through projects implementation to affect their real lifestyle. A short video about what the Jordanian EMYU has achieved in the previous years (2011 - 2013) has been shown and the 8 NGOs, who have implemented projects in the framework of the first phase of the Euromed Youth Program IV, have been awarded during this event.

These NOGs are namely:
1. Instituted leadership and excellence
2. Al-Hayat Center for Civil Society Development
3. Masar Center for Studies and Research
4. Leaders of Tomorrow
5. East & West Centre for Human Resources Development
6. Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies
7. Junior Chamber International Jordan
8. The United Religions initiative (URI)

In the previous phase the EU has received 275 proposals from all MENA countries of which 60 from Jordan. In total 12 projects have been funded in Jordan with a total budget of around 340,000 Euro. The projects focused mostly on participation and active citizenship. In total 241 Jordanians benefitted from this. In this respect Jordan has been one of the most successful countries.

In the next phase for Jordan the budget has nearly doubled to 860,000 Euro which will cover the years 2014 and 2015. Very soon the first call for proposals will be launched. 30 projects are expected to be funded during 3 Calls for Proposal which will be launched in July. These calls will focus on 3 Actions:

1. Youth Exchanges
2. EuroMed Youth Voluntary Services
3. Trainings and seminars

Ambassador Wronecka confirmed that the ongoing "commitment of the EU in the field of Youth is from the past, the present and for the future".

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